The Virtual Regatta Network is a virtual private network created for Virtual Skipper 5.

The safe, secure, fast and reliable network provides members with a first class gaming experience that has faster connection speeds and virtually no lag as compared to the default game server. This results in smoother game play, higher video resolution and a much nicer virtual sailing experience. The network is capable of unlimited player connections at 100 Mbps providing relatively low ping speeds.


Download and installation of free third party software is required.

A simple user interface is included and no router configuration is needed at all.

After the network setup members can immediately use the Virtual Regatta Network to connect to each other with Virtual Skipper via the local network option located in the multiplayer menu.


The Virtual Regatta Network is compatible with all current and discontinued versions of Virtual Skipper including Vsk5Online.


The Virtual Regatta Network enables members to join regattas or host their own regattas with other members at any time. You will be able to host your own races if you could not on the default game server. There is no router configuration needed for hosting. Hosting is also possible with a wireless connection using public Wifi.

Registration in our yacht club is not required for network access, but

as a registered member you will recieve the latest news, a better understanding of how the network works and how to get the most out of the network.

You will also have access to many custom VSK program modifications that are sure to enhance your virtual sailing experience.


A list of the advantages associated with the use of the Virtual Regatta Network as opposed to the Nadeo default game server can be found HERE


Create an account and become a member of the VRN Yacht Club HERE

Or simply visit our "Connect" webpage to view a simple tutorial about how to access the Virtual Regatta Network immediately.

We hope to see you soon!

The Virtual Regatta Network is pleased to announce a new boat model for

Virtual Skipper 5,... The Fast 40+

At this time the Fast 40+ is only available to a limited number of VRN Yacht Club members. The Fast 40+ will become available to all members as well as the public at a later date which will be determined after it makes a debut.

The highly anticipated Fast 40+ is scheduled to make it's first appearance during the Virtual Regatta Network Fast 40+ Regatta on November 27th, 2021 at 12:00pm New York / GMT -4

The regatta will be viewable on the VRNetwork LiveStream Channel

Sponsored by


Team Racing

Sponsored by

Cybersea Virtual Racing Team

The Virtual Regatta Network Fast 40+ Regatta will begin in,...

Fast 40+

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

ACC Skin by Josenrique Cybersea

Fast 40+

Authorized members can access the Fast 40+ download by clicking on the picture above.

Authorized members can access the Fast 40+ download by clicking on the picture above.

The Virtual Regatta Network Fast 40+ Regatta will be held on the VRNetwork in the Local Network option of Virtual Skipper 5

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