Auto hosting races is not as hard or mysterious as some people may think. All you need is the ability to host, an AutHotKey script and the AutoHotKey program installed on your computer.
You can download AutoHotKey HERE
In addition you will need at least one race course that fits within the AHK script parameters,...
(The length of the race course as compared to the duration of race time allowed by the script)


Studying the AutoHotKey program and becoming familiar with the AHK script is also recommended. Once you are familiar with the AHK program and AHK programming language you can write your own script and create your own race courses that are compatible, but to keep this tutorial as simple as possible and to get your auto host up and running as soon as possible the tutorial will concentrate on utlizing the files within the VRN Auto Host Track Pack that can be found at the top of this page.
Step 1 - Download the VRN Auto Host Track Pack with AHK Script. Open the file and copy and paste the 5 .Gbx files (race courses) into your Documents/Vsk5/Tracks/Challenges folder.


Step 2 - Copy and paste the VRNautohost12min.ahk file to your desktop so it is easily accessible. Then double click on the file on your desktop and you will see an AHK icon      appear in your system tray toward the bottom right side of your screen.


Step 3 - Launch Vsk5 and navigate to the Multiplayer menu. Then create a race in either the Local Network or the Internet option. Then load the 5 race courses titled "" and click OK for each race.


Step 4 - When the first race screen becomes visable simply enter into spectator mode and then press the Windows key and the A key on your keyboard at the same time to run the AutoHotKey script.



Step 5 - Sit back and watch what happens. This is the easiest way to learn.
When you are finished auto hosting remember to exit the AHK script. Simply close VSK5 or press the Windows key to minimize the VSK screen. Then right click on the AutoHotKey icon in your system tray at the bottom right of your desktop. Then click "Exit".
If you do not exit the AHK script it will keep running non stop regardless if you are using VSK5 or not.
As an added bonus the VRNautohost.ahk file contains help lines that will help you understand the AHK commands and how they are used with Vsk5. To access the script, simply right click on the AHK file on your desktop and you will see a dropdown menu appear. Then click on "Edit Script". The file will open and you will be able to view and or edit the file as you wish. Below is a screenshot of the actual script. As you can see, the code is on the left and most of the help lines are toward the right and seperated by semicolons. 
Good luck and have fun.
VRN Auto Host Track Pack with AHK Script


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